Malmö memories to last a lifetime – part 7…

The latest part of my Eurovision journey through Malmö is, as with the previous 6 parts, dedicated to Franciska van Waarden (Fairytale0126). I also want to dedicate this to my dear friend, Aleyna Gümüşsoy (@aleynazj).

Franciska, you inspired me to take that next step and you never left my heart in all the time I spent in Sweden and Denmark. Forever We Are One.

Aleyna, I have no words to say other than you’re a special friend and I love you more than words can ever describe. Seni sonsuza dek seviyorum.

I had been in Copenhagen and Malmö for 3 days now. Thursday was both my 4th day and my second last day in the two cities. I knew I would be going home tomorrow, but that was never going to stop me having a hell of a lot of fun.

For some reason, my memory of second semi-final Thursday has always been somewhat blurred. Even now, when I watch the Eurovision 2013 DVD, I still struggle to remember what actually happened. I’ve never been able to work out why but it’s something which, even in Eurovisions past, has become ingrained into me.

Copenhagen Central

As with the Tuesday 2 days earlier, the moment that I remember most about Eurovision day was the train journey from Copenhagen Central over the Öresund to Malmö, but one other memory that sticks out so beautifully in my mind is when I had some down time before the dress rehearsal, I took a walk down one of the side streets outside the Emporia shopping centre next to Malmö Arena. From there I was able to get the most beautiful mental image of the Öresund. It’s an image and a moment that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

The beautiful Öresund Bridge

The beautiful Öresund Bridge


I knew in advance that the second semi-final was relatively weak, certainly much weaker than the first semi-final (which, of course, produced the eventual winner in Emmelie De Forest), but nothing was ever going to spoil my fun. This live semi-final was going to be my last experience of my first ever Eurovision and I was determined to go out in style.

Among the highlights for me from another magical Eurovision night were Valentina Monetta for San Marino, Finland’s Krista Siegfrids, Eythor Ingi Gunlaugsson from Iceland and how can we talk about the Eurovision 2013 second semi-final and not mention Cezar from Romania.

They all, as with all 17 artists in the second semi-final, delivered quite brilliant performances that night. Farid Mammadov from Azerbaijan stood out for me that night too because of his quite magnificent stage routine.


For all the fun I had during the day, the best part was saved for the train back ‘home’ to Copenhagen. The train was packed, so I found myself standing, but as it happened, I was standing next to a lovely family who were all wrapped in their Icelandic flags.

They were obviously happy because their Eythor had just qualified for the final, they were singing away and, as luck would have it, they gave me a 5 minute crash-course in mastering Ég á líf. It took me about 3 weeks post- Malmö to become 100% fluent in the song, but I never gave up and in a funny way, I owe it to that family.

My time in Malmö had come to and end. My Eurovision journey was almost over. Tomorrow I would fly home to Scotland to prepare myself for watching the Grand Final on TV. It was the flight I didn’t want to take, but ultimately I knew I would have to…


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